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Power Control Centers and distribution panels
Intelligent Motor Control Centre (Draw-out Design)
11 kV Panels
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NEI is the only manufacturer in Oman which has all encompassing products including Medium Voltage and Low Voltage switchgears. Switch gear components. NEI manufactures following Low Voltage switchgear products and components:

Power Control Centres and distribution panels up to 6400 A
Intelligent Motor Control Centres
SCADA Panels
Sub-Main Distribution Boards

Metering Panels
Auto Mains Failure Panels
Synchronizing Panels
Power Factor Improvement Panels
Final Distribution Boards  both plug in and bolt on

Salient features of products are highlighted below.

Power Control Centers and distribution panels

Current Rating: From 630 A to 6400A.Suitable for all types of power distribution application.
SC level: Totally Type-tested up to 120kA for 1 sec
Form of segregation: Conforms up to Form-4 Type-7 design
Cable entry: Top/Bottom or side. Busbars at top/middle or bottom
Access: Both front as well as rear access

Intelligent Motor Control Centre (Draw-out Design)

Modular design offering all three types of IEC based version of draw-out units/ plug-in as well as traditional fixed units
Drawout system can be constructed with cassettes up to 630 A ensuring minimum operational downtime and a high degree of personnel safety
Totally type tested by ASTA / KEMA
Designed for reliable operation in diverse sectors
Embedded IED device in every feeders/starter this communicates with other devices using IEC protocol. on TCP/IP .ensuring extremely fast communication compared to conventional Modbus device.
On line trends for parameters like PF, peak demand, etc. are available for use in energy management
Communication control possible even through mobile electronic devices

NEI is the only manufacturer in Oman which has complete basket of products including Medium Voltage and Low Voltage switchgears. NEI manufactures following Medium Voltage switchgear products:
Control & Relay Panels
11/33 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels from 18.4 kA to 44 kA
Ring Main Units

11 kV Panels

Type-tested at European labs including internal arc test
Explosion Proof Design
Rating upto 3150 A
Incomer: Vacuum Circuit Breakers
Outgoing: Vacuum Circuit Breakers
Withstand Short Circuit up to 44 kA for 3 sec

Customer Care

NEI has a 24x7 fully manned call centre. The Mobile number is given below. While the customers are happy with good quality product and normally have much need for the cal centre it is maintained to give a comfort zone for customers. All service calls are attended to within 24 hours.

There is a full fledged and separate team for doing site assistance for customers at the time of installation and commissioning which shortens the commissioning process time for the contractor and client.


Contact Person: Mr.S.Vijayan
GSM : 95188360


Centralized Cooling Plant at Wave Muscat              
Client: The Wave

Taghleef Industries Factory expansion, Sohar.        
Client: Taghleef Industries

Head Quarter Building for Petroleum Development of Oman, Muscat.
Client: Petroleum Development Oman

Marmul Central Development-3
Client: Petroleum Development Oman

Sohar Refinery Project, Sohar
Client: Sohar Refinery Co.

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