Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Proper Uniform for body protection while working on the production floor.
  • Safety Shoes for foot protection against falling objects while working on the production floor
  • Safety Glasses for eye protection while welding
  • Safety Goggles for eye protection while grinding, drilling etc
  • Safety helmets for head protection against falling objects while loading / unloading material with Jib crane and while driving forklift trucks.
  • Safety aprons for body protection during special assemblies
  • Safety hand gloves for hand protection during special operations in material handling and processing.
  • Safety nose masks for respiratory system protection during powder coating / painting / hylam sheet cutting
  • Sun caps for persons working in the open.

Top priority for Fire Safety measures:

  • Providing sufficient numbers of fire extinguishers in the factory production floors as well as offices.
  • Ensuring clear accessibility (no obstructions) to the fire extinguishers at all locations.
  • Maintaining proper records of list of all fire extinguishers and expiry dates.
  • Ensuring timely replacement / refilling of all fire extinguishers.

Adherence to sound HSE practices:

  • Ensuring clearly marked and unobstructed gangways in the production floor.
  • Maintaining sufficient number of emergency lights in the factory & offices.
  • Maintain and mark easily approachable “assembly point” in case of fire or emergency
  • Maintain and regularly check fire pumps and fire hydrants within the factory premises.
  • Maintain clear exits to the factory production floor and offices.
  • Display Safety posters in English & Arabic at prominent locations within the factory and offices.
  • Increase Safety awareness in the staff & technicians through verbal and written communications and providing training whenever necessary.
  • Provide tools and machines to the technicians that are safe and reliable.
  • Cordon off panels (with indication lights and chain-stands) which are under testing with live electric supply.
  • Ensure proper and safe storage of hazardous or toxic chemical substances such as paints, powder and thinner, if any.
  • Provide safe and potable drinking water to all employees by proper and timely maintenance of water coolers and water filters.
  • Provide proper and sufficient ventilation and cooling in the offices and production floors in the interest of good hygiene.
  • Ensure timely and proper disposal of sewerage water and garbage from the factory.
  • Provide milk on a daily basis to technicians who are engaged in special processes such as welding and painting.
  • Use both sides of paper for printing for internal usage in order to reduce load on environment.
  • Recycle cardboard, wood, steel and copper scrap through nominated agencies to help environment.
  • Ensure annual maintenance of all air conditioners and chillers in the factory and offices to promote better health of employees.
  • Promote environmental concern by switching off of lights and fans in factory and offices when not required so as to minimize power consumption and save energy.

Follow approved HSE policy:

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working environment to its employees.
  • Provide instructions, information & training to ensure competency at workplace.
  • Consider safety and environmental factors in all operating decisions.
  • Prevent work related ill health by minimizing health and safety risks at workplace.
  • Propagate awareness toward injury and illness prevention.


 ISO 45001:2018

NEI OMAN - ISO 45001:2018

 ISO 14001:2015

NEI OMAN - ISO 14001:2015