In order to protect the employees of NEI from the dangers associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to cooperate with the Oman government in controlling the spread of the virus and in the interest of public safety, the following safety and progressive measures have been put in place at NEI since April 2020:

1. All our employees have been fully vaccinated with two doses of vaccines approved by Ministry of Health, Oman.

2. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed at various strategic locations across the company office and shop floor.

3. Disposable surgical face masks have been made available to all employees.

4. Disposable sanitary hand gloves have been made available to all concerned.

5. Use of face masks have been made compulsory at workplaces and outside for all employees.

6. Biometric attendance system has been put on hold and manual recording of attendance has been implemented.

7. Strict social distancing has been implemented in work stations on the shop floor

8. Heads of departments have been authorized to decide strategies for work from home / work from office as per need while ensuring business continuity.

9. Staff meetings have been minimized and strictly made need based and web based.

10. Offices, shop floor and all toilets are being sanitized with recommended disinfectant spray twice a week.

11. Technician’s accommodation, common toilets, staff dining rooms and other common areas are being sanitized with recommended disinfectant spray twice a week.

12. Door puller steel brackets have been fixed at the bottom of frequently used doors so as to avoid contact of hand with the door handles while opening the doors.

13. Full body cover PPE has been provided to Admin staff who are disinfecting the workplaces.

14. Entry of visitors to NEI have been restricted to minimum possible.

15. Web meetings have been initiated with customers and partners and this will continue.

16. IT department has facilitated access of e-mails and Navision server at homes through remote access to enable working from home

17. Additional CUG SIM cards have been provided to some more staff to enable the department heads to be connected with them on mobile phones.

18. Three fully furnished residential flats have been arranged by ADMIN department to quarantine some of the employees visiting project sites or returning from home country.

19. Meals and medical assistance are being arranged for all such quarantined employees by ADMIN department.

20. Wherever necessary, the Admin department is advising COVID testing of employees from authorized COVID testing centers.

21. All employees and visitors to NEI are being subjected to thermal temperature scanning at the main gate.

22. Large and prominent notices towards the above (point no 20) have been displayed outside the main gate.

23. The security staff engaged in thermal scanning are provided with face shields in addition to face masks and hand gloves.

24. No employee or visitors are being allowed inside the NEI premises without proper face mask.

25. Shop floor technicians have been advised from visiting the office floors.

26. Cash disbursement, if any, to technicians, are being done through their department heads / supervisors

27. Staff have been advised not to use the pantry except for taking lunch.

28. Any employee with symptoms of common cold, flu, running nose are being strictly advised by the department heads not to attend office duties physically and instead work from home, if possible.