National Electrical Industries Co. L. L.C.

  • The National Electrical industries consists of four manufacturing units
  • Component manufacturing unit
  • Sheet Metal fabrication and Painting unit
  • LV Panel manufacturing unit
  • MV Panel manufacturing unit

Component manufacturing unit:

NEI is a comprehensive full fledged manufacturer of complete range of Low Voltage switchgear components. NEI manufactures Miniature circuit breakers, RCCB, MCCB from 6A to 800A.Short circuit levels of 6 KA to 50KA.

NEI has design and development team to develop the MCB/MCCB/RCCB etc,

It also has a full fledged Molding station to mould the components of the MCB/MCCB/RCCB

The raw materials for the moulds are sourced from France to ensure excellent quality.

Flame retardant materials are used to ensure the Components are manufactured to meet international standards.

All electrical components are properly designed and selected to ensure superior performance.

The operators are fully trained and the supervisor is an Omani Woman who has been working with us for more than a decade.

NEI has in house facility to type test each and every component, either short circuit or thermal calibration.

Majority of the components have been tested at internationally reputed independent type test labs to prove the performance capability.

Sheet Metal fabrication and Painting unit:

NEI has a full fledged sheet metal fabrication unit. It has installed one of its kind state of the art CNC machines in its production line. These machines are loaded with superior Mate tools from USA. Further to ensure a balanced line there are more than one bending machine ,TIG and MIG welding are effectively used to complete the fabrication line up.

NEI has one of the most sophisticated environmentally friendly pretreatment and powder coating booths. It also has two Electric ovens to bake the powder.

LV Panel manufacturing unit:

NEI is Schneider partner and manufactures both Prisma TT and Blockset panels.It has also developed a whole range of sub panels to complete the product portfolio. Panels up to 6300 A 220 KA have been manufactured in this factory and have been installed in various locations.

All the switchboards are fully type tested at international reputed labs.

NEI manufactures all type of panels like AMF panels, Synchronization panel, control panel, intelligent motor control centre and Power factor correction panels.

MV Panel manufacturing unit:

NEI manufactures caters to the complete segment of Medium Voltage Switchgear fully type tested from 33 KV/ 11KV / 6.6KV / 3.3 KV levels with bus bar rating from 630 A to 3150 A with various fault level from 18.4 kA / 4 secs to 44 kA / 4 secs The products are manufactured using latest state of the art technology in both product and process design

The manufacturing facility is Located in a two level building with a built up area of 15000 sq ft at Mabellah Muscat Oman. NEI has excellent capability to design and produce low and medium voltage panels conforming to the latest IEC standards and requirements of the clients.

NEI commands a lion share in the Locally produced component business reaching almost 80% market share.NEI is one of the leaders in the Low voltage Switchgear industry in Oman with 50% market share in Oman. NEI exports its products to the whole Arab world.

NEI is expanding its capacity in terms of Product portfolio, Production facility as well as manpower and machinery. It is also expanding its marketing reach to enhance reach and export.

NEI employs a large pool of local work force who are trained in institutes before they join NEI and latter again they are sent to refresher courses.NEI also employs

a large team of local Omani Woman who are also similarly trained this is in line with the countries vision of Woman empowerment.. Team NEI currently has strength of 175 personnel which include qualified engineers, designers and experienced technicians.

We are accredited with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Navision forms the back bone of NEI with the latest ERP solution. NEI also boosts of the latest design and development software

Awards His Majesty’s Cup Award for the Best Five Factories

NEI has participated in the above and has been placed seventh amongst all participating companies in the category in some fields NEI scored the maximum scores compared to other participants.