NATIONAL ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES CO LLC (NEI), today, is a frontline manufacturer of Electrical Switchgear, Control gear and Switchboards in Low & Medium Voltage that covers a wide spectrum of applications in Power distribution, Instrumentation and Control equipment. The Switchgear products employ the latest technology in product design and engineering and are custom built in one of the most modern, well equipped technologically advanced plants in the Sultanate of Oman.

NEI Switchgear products have earned a reputation for Reliability, offering customers trouble-free service year after year. To meet specific customer needs, the company offers tailor-made and engineered solutions. NEI’s teams of highly experienced engineers, staff and technicians are equipped to design & manufacture Switch boards and Control Panels to suit a wide range of industry requirements as per individual specifications.

NEI products are Type tested & Certified by well-known independent laboratories. NEI has achieved and maintains a certified Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2008.

NEI sources its raw material from world renowned sources from Europe & Asia. NEI has a long standing technical collaboration with the leading global multinational giant Schneider Electric as a result of which the main switchgear components which go into the NEI range of Switchboard assemblies are of “Schneider Electric” make having the latest and safest in cutting edge technology.

Besides Schneider Electric, NEI sources the other components that form part of the Switchboards from Globally reputed partners such as Socomec - France, P & B Protection Relays – UK, Elsteel - Srilanka, Gave – Spain, Fandis – Spain, Oriental copper – Thailand, Luvata – Malaysia, Pronutec – Spain, Telergon – Spain, Precise Electric – India etc.

Most of the components and raw material that go into NEI range of products are environmental friendly and safe and promote clean and green energy concerns.

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